Hot Log Story

So many good memories are made around a campfire. Spending time with family and friends, cooking hot dogs and s'mores and telling stories. A campfire, unfortunately, can be quite a chore to make if you're even allowed to have one. My product solves that problem. It's called the Hot Log Portable Fire. My mission is to provide a hassle free source of heat and light for any occasion. It's a portable, lightweight piece of lodge pole pine that stands vertically and when lit with the included fire starter, pulls oxygen and flame up through it's "chimney" and burns from the inside out. The result is a self contained fire that's efficient, fun and environmentally friendly.

Each Hot Log can provide around 1 hour of fire and can be used almost anywhere unlike a traditional camp fire. It's great for backyard barbecues in the suburbs where open fire pits aren't allowed. It's also perfect for camping trips, the beach, outings at the lake, hunting, ice fishing, back country excursions, snow machining, or to create a nice ambiance at an event or reunion. The Hot Log can also be used to cook small amounts of food and therefore it’s a great supplement to an emergency kit.